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FA Cup quarter-final draw: as it happens!

The 0 celine 173823ska 18cc to grams FA Cup draw is back where it belongs in its traditional Monday lunchtime slot.

Which brings back schoolyard memories of crowding round a wireless and listening to the crackle of Radio 2: “The first voice you will hear will be $1150 new authentic celine trio leather beige $1150 celine burgundy suede & taupe leather platform sandal shoulder crossbody bag italy that of Ted Croker, secretary of the Football Association. ‘We come to item six, the draw for the third round of the Football Association Challenge Cup.’ … “

Well, we’re all older now. And what happened to those little kids so full of dreams? Eh?

Anyway, there’s no romantic bureaucracy-related radio fun for us these days. So you’ll have to put up with this new-fangled live minute-by-minute report of the draw instead. Tune in from 1.20pm.

In the meantime, you can email if you like, because we’re all sitting here twiddling our thumbs, if the truth be told.

1.10pm While we wait for David Davies to be dusted down, your emails are literally floodi… hang on, no, 0 celine a scene 75 cleveland they’re trickling in.

“Please could we play Man U again?” asks Jack Kelsey the Gooner. “Don’t mind where.”

If we were making the draw, Jack, and if only to see how much more damage Sir Fergie could ALLEGEDLY inflict on Becks’ pretty features in the aftermath of a second humbling, we’d make you a happy man. But we’re not.

“I’m sitting here in Tokyo, following you on my i-mode, watching the tape I made of this morning’s Charlie’s Angels (the one where Kelly gets hypnotised and spends the show wandering around in her nightie – wa-haay!!”. So writes Daniboi. Is that a clever reworking of Danny Boy, Daniboi?

“Any idea what Jaclyn Smith is up to these days?. And I don’t suppose you could use your contacts at the FA to sort something easy for the Glorious Arse, could you? Chelsea, maybe. Cheers”

No idea on the Jaclyn thread Daniboi, $950 $4100 celine black leather python edge satchel gold zip top bag women& new celine us 5 eu 35 turquoise pony hair espadrille loafers slip though consider it “out there” amongst the web fraternity. As for rigging the draw to give Arsenal an easy draw, well that’s not our job now, is it? And “Friends at the 0 celine bag 30 cm ruler FA” You’re new to the site, right?

1.21pm “Nicky,” starts Jason of London. “Are they still using that revolving octagonal fish bowl or have they gone back to the wooden balls in the purple velvet bag… I liked that bag.”

We too preferred the bag, but $4100 celine black leather python edge satchel gold zip top bag women& it’s impossible $50 cheap celine slippers for women to tell how they’ll be drawing it today as live pics from Soho Square have yet to arrive. Now if you want to know what colour shirt Giles Brandreth is currently sporting (pink, he’s crazee) replica crossbody celine handbags, or which episode of Cheers is on Channel Four (the one where Norm’s sat on the stool drinking beer, if that narrows it down), I can help.

1.26pm I was about to list the teams and their respective numbers, when Dave Cheung emailed the Liverpool FC perspective.

“Well, who cares really?” he asks. Answers on an email.

1.28pm David Hodgson feels the same way, Dave. “Im a Sunderland fan, here to see who cheating ref-nobblers Watford draw and then shout ‘That should have been us’. I hope they get Arsenal away.”

1.30pm Here it is…

Watford – Fulham/Burnley Southampton – Wolves Arsenal – Chelsea Sheffield United – Leeds

Matches to be played on March 8/9.

A juicy draw $3400 celine nano luggage bag nwt dust bag and no mistake. Arsenal-Chelsea stands out, of course, but a chance of revenge for Ell Tel in the Yorkshire derby, or for further humiliation, whets the appetite as well. More importantly, that dream Burnley-Wolves final remains a distinct possibility.

“It was a joke, for God’s sake!” cries Daniboi, who still hasn’t cleared up this name business.

“Oooh. As a Wolves fan, I would suggest that Arsenal v Chelsea will do very nicely indeed,” writes Tim Sorrell.

And finally, Nick Read confuses the both of us by asking: “Which has been’s made today’s draw?”

Time to sign off it would seem. Good day one and all, and many thanks for all your emails.

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by: Annuity Advice on Friday 22/06/12

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